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October 2, 2019

Dan Mackenzie

songwriter, music producer, writer, personal counselor

emmy-nominated songwriter and winner of two ASCAP foundation awards, his counseling work is grounded in anthroposophy and non-violent communication

Aura Vasquez

Los Angeles City Council Candidate

"A New Vision for Los Angeles"
Aura Vasquez: an immigrant, community organizer, fearless social and environmental justice advocate and running to be the first Afro-Latina candidate to represent Los Angeles City Council District 10.

Jeff Berman

Co-Founder of Magnet Companies and board member at Protect Democracy

"The Six Attacks Autocrats Deploy To Destroy Democracy (And What We Must Do In Defense)”

Former civil rights lawyer & Senate staff. Current entrepreneur, activist & advocate. Father of 3. Husband of 1. Work in progress.

Hope Easton


Im a professional cellist who performs all around LA and the US from Studios to Tv and live performances.  I'm a Bachelor from New England Conservatory (Boston) and also did a Fulbright in the UK.  Love to write music as well as play any genre Classical, Pop and Jazz.

Dan Mackenzie is producing my new album.

February 13, 2019

Amy Raasch
Love, Aquarian Style
Amy Raasch is a performing musician and media installation artist whose explorations span music, theatrical storytelling, and videos rife with whimsical cultural references and societal, personal, and sexual commentary. Her new album of quirky electro-pop, “Girls Get Cold,” was named one of LA Weekly’s Best of 2018. A dedicated animal activist, Amy gives voice to the voiceless in her award-winning solo multimedia show, “The Animal Monologues.” For FRED, Amy wields a guitar to channel Love, Aquarian style.

Kendra Waldman
“My Playdates with Suzie”
Kendra is an actor, writer, producer having had films at Sundance and SXSW. She was caught at the age of 6 playing with her “Suzie” (which is the name her parents gave to her vulva). Her parents didn’t support her self-discovery, and there’s been shame ever since around it. Kendra is now speaking publicly on owning your body, pleasure, and life... as a child, most importantly. Her touching message and personal mission is to create a space for parents to support the innocence and curiosity of their kids through comedy and a dramatic edge.

Nicole Blaine
Stand-Up Comedian, Writer, Producer
Nicole is a writer, stand-up, and comedy producer. Nicole runs bimonthly stand-up shows at the Westside Comedy Theater and was the executive producer of an HBO stand-up special. Nicole lives in Santa Monica with her husband and two kids. They all suck so she has great material.

Julie Simon
Julie Simon Cakes, LLC
Julie is a sugar artist and confectionist who just had a career high this past weekend, making the birthday cake for Stormi Webster. She started her career as a singer-songwriter, and while she’s never written about cake, she has written many songs of love, passion, sex, heartache and joy, and will be singing about one or more of these.

Ron Alcalay
CEO, Vital Hemp
"A Tale of Love, or Something Else?" 
Ron Alcalay, MA/Ph.D. (UC Berkeley) taught literature and film history for a decade before founding Vital Hemp, a local hemp company that designs, manufactures, and distributes comfortable, stylish hemp clothing and accessories for men and women. He lives in Mar Vista, amicably co-parenting his soon-to-be-eight year-old daughter.

Stephanie Theobald.
Author, journalist, broadcaster
“Vulva Ballet Day.”
Stephanie is known for her playful and thoughtful work around sexuality and alternative feminism. Her new book, Sex Drive is a road trip memoir fuelled by masturbation. Oscar-winning actress and writer Emma Thompson has urged the curious to "read it and quiver!”

Eva Clay

Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapist and Professional Troublemaker

"Hot and Holy - Sex as a Spiritual Practice"

Eva's mission is to illuminate the ménage-a-trois of soul, sex and science. She's helped thousands of people marry the profound with the playful, and she offers courses and coaching in erotic intelligence.

Oct 17, 2018

Dan Mackenzie


"America Needs A Miracle”

Emmy-nominated songwriter who has one two ASCAP Foundation songwriting awards. Currently pitching a TV series, finishing a book, and producing a variety of fabulous musical acts, including tonight's guests "The Living Roots Trio.

Megan Wolpert Dobkin

organizer, White People For Black Lives/SURJ affiliate

"Acting (not Standing) In Solidarity - where white allies in L.A. can fit in the fight for racial justice."

By day, Megan Wolpert Dobkin produces for Big Kid Pictures, most recently the Maroon 5 video "Girls Like You,' which just past 1 billion views last week! Other projects for film/tv include: "The Recruit," "Girl Interrupted," "Walk The Line," Maroon 5 "Sugar" and "Don't Wanna Know" videos, and two installments of the "Scream" franchise. Her prose and poetry can be found in over twenty literary journals, including one Best Of The Net nominee in 2014. When she isn't writing or producing, she is mothering two boys and organizing for Black Lives Matter-LA via their white solidarity group, White People For Black Lives. 

Greg Morena

Candidate for Santa Monica City Council

"The Importance of Voting Down Ballot"

I'm running for City Council to bring new, energized leadership to the city, and activate a culture of engaged activism within our community. If you want change, be a part of that change. 

Deanne Thomsen

Campaign Manager, YES on 12: Prevent Cruelty CA

"Vote YES on Proposition 12!"

Deanne advocates on behalf of animals as the Faith Outreach Manager with the Humane Society of the United States and encourages others on the easy ways they can improve the lives of animals. She is also working on the Yes on 12 campaign to upgrade California's farm animal protection laws and free animals from cruel cage confinement.

Meaghan Witri and Séamus Maynard

Living Roots 

Living Roots pre-dominantly ply a quiet, subtle British-style folk, delicate, ringing guitar picking a la Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Nick Drake, which quickly breaks into an American jazz-inflected swing blues, that is pure '20s class. Meaghan Witri's vocal harmony brings a lovely light to the proceedings, ringing out clear as a bronze bell over the smooth burr of Seamus Maynard's cello tenor.

May 30, 2018

Dan Mackenzie

Songwriter, Producer, Writer

(click here for music)

Emmy nominated, winner of two ASCAP foundation songwriting awards, recently had three songs in the film musical Basmati Blues starring Brie Larson. Dan will be singing (and possibly pontificating for a moment).

Jacqueline Mendez

Certified Sex Therapist, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist & Transformational Life Coach

"Attraction, Intimacy & Erotic Alchemy"

Jacqueline is committed to using all life experiences as soul curriculum and to empower women and men in love, intimacy, sexuality, and life mastery.  She is dedicated to evolving the relationships men and women have surrounding sexuality, spirituality, intimacy, and spirituality.  She teaches her clients to tap into and integrate sensuality and sexuality as pathways into their deepest wisdom, harnessing their own transformational power, embodying aliveness, experiencing more freedom, and feeling more powerfully effective in every aspect of their live by aligning body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Karinna Karsten

Founder/CEO LOVE TV 

“Going Deeper in Our Times of Insta-Love and Insta-Sex”  

Karinna is an internationally respected relationship expert, bringing over a decade of credibility, research & data on love and intimacy into creating real solutions for the dating and relationship industries. As the ambassador of LOVE TV, she makes regular national media appearances, speaks at international industry conferences and is a contributor to many media outlets, with this latest interview for Voice America



"Calling Futures: Love as a force for cultural transformation"

Matre's music combines critical content with a genre-bending blend of styles, from classic boom-bap rap, to Latin rhythms & afro-rock. This eclectic sound has taken him on a journey around the globe, collaborating w/ artists & cultural creatives w/ an aim towards healing & social renewal.

Mystic Pete

“Sexual Massage”
Mystic Pete is an energy healer, author, radio host, cellist, music and video producer, mysticism teacher and father of two. He has taught and organized events internationally connecting sexuality, spirituality and the arts.

Jessica Graham

Getting Off without Checking Out

 Jessica is a spiritual teacher, nude model, actor, filmmaker, author, and sex and intimacy guide.  Author of Good Sex, from North Atlantic Books.       

Jen Cheng

"Undercover lesbian"

Jen is a singer, musician, writer, comedian, science nerd, health expert who has comedic observations about gender, dating, and sex. 

Shanna Gilfix

Singer Songwriter

"Songs about love, sex, and heartbreak...” (to support this artist 😜)

Shanna has been singing and writing original music for many years, seeking to find the most profound ways to share her human experience through lyrics, melody, and rhythm. She has loved and she has lost. She is a forever romantic, and will never give up on her true loves 😌🙏🏻.

You can find her on Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, and gmail with her full name, Shanna Gilfix

January 24, 2018

Dan Mackenzie


"DRUGS: An Original, A Cover and my two cents"

Emmy-nominated songwriter who has won two ASCAP awards, contributed three songs to the musical film Basmati Blues starring Brie Larson, in theaters in 2018, currently also writing a book on self-development 

Jeff Berman

Executive in Residence at Greylock Partners

“The Supreme Court, Meuller, Mid-terms: Everything you wanted to know and where afraid to ask.” & @bermanjeff

Jeff Berman has spent the last decade at the intersection of media & technology after serving in DC as a civil rights lawyer and as Chief Counsel to Senator Chuck Schumer. He helped launch and serves on the board of United to Protect Democracy.

Shomik Dutta

Co-Founder, Higher Ground Labs 

"Democrats can't keep bringing a knife to a gunfight" 

Shomik is a longtime Democratic operative who worked on both Obama Presidential campaigns, in the White House, and on Governor's races and US Senate campaigns. He has co-founded an incubator/accelerator to support innovation in political technology that can help Democrats win campaigns. 

Clay Dumas 

Chief of staff, Lowercase Capital

Among other things, I help make seed investments in startups and startup-like organizations that are helping to strengthen our democracy and elect progressive candidates. Previously, I worked in the Office of Digital Strategy in the Obama White House.  

September 27, 2017

Dan Mackenzie

songwriter/producer/writer and erstwhile psychedelic explorer

"DRUGS: An Original, A Cover and my two cents"

emmy-nominated songwriter who has won two ASCAP awards, contributed three songs to the musical film Basmati Blues starring Brie Larson, in theaters in 2018, currently also writing a book on self-development 

Brad Adams

Founder, Los Angeles Medicinal Plant Society (LAMPS)

Primary Organizer, Los Angeles Psychedelic Science Symposium (LAPSS)

"What can I do to participate in the psychedelic renaissance?"

Brad Adams received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology at USC and is currently working in cancer research at the UCLA Medical Center.  He is the founder of the Los Angeles Medicinal Plant Society (LAMPS) and primary planner for the Los Angeles Psychedelic Science Symposium scheduled for May of 2018.  He is also completing final analysis of the data collected in Peru for a study with Ayahuasca conducted with Drs. Charles Grob and Dennis McKenna.  

Jeff Chen, MD/MBA

Director, UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative

"Your Mom Makes Cannabinoids!"

Dr. Jeff Chen is a physician, researcher, and social entrepreneur, and a graduate of the specialized MD/MBA program at UCLA.  He is thought leader on medical cannabis and has spent the last 4 years working at the intersection of cannabis industry, academia, nonprofits, and government to accelerate cannabis research.  He has been invited to speak on cannabis by organizations ranging from the RAND Corporation and Senator Feinstein's Office, to Lightning In A Bottle and Burning Man.  

Kira Kushnirova

Songstress at "Om Allure" 

"Musical pleasures from Siberian land"

Visionary songstress, Kira Kushnirova, weaves together music, poetry, ritual, ancient prayers, modern groves, ceremonial art and magic. She travels the world creating musical experiences which illuminate and transcend, luring the audience to travel deep above in to mystical soundscapes and fall in love with the

Steve Glenn

CEO, Plant Prefab/Managing Director, LivingHomes

“Three Great Awarenesses I Had Whilst Stoned.”

Sel Sarkin

Holistic Health Practitiioner

"Altered States of consciousness through psychedelics"

Worked as a heath practitioner for over 30 years. 

Currently help people with cancer using cannabis oil extracts.

Also use psychedelics for people on their spiritual path and

people with mental and emotional issues such as depression, ptsd and anxiety.

Ashley Booth

Founder, Aware Project; Co-Founder, InnerSpace Integration

"the Future of Psychedelic Medicine" 

Ashley Booth is a environmental scientist turned psychedelic advocate. For the past 3 years, she has been hosting psychedelic community building and educational events in Southern California to raise awareness around the beneficial uses pf psychedelics and enthogens."


Delia Brown 

The Bowling Green Massacre

I'm a visual artist (paintings/video) who writes satirical raps for fun (in a past life, i.e. 25 years ago, I was in a 2-girl rap group that no less than opened for the Wu-Tang Clan). I currently make music with composer Tom Hiel as The Bowling Green Massacre.

Antonio Brown, Ph.D.

Past President and Current Director, Board of Directors ACLU of Southern California


Antonio holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. As a Professor and published author, he has taught and conducted research at Stanford University, Loyola Marymount University, UCLA and USC.

Cora Neumann, PhD

CEO, RESET & Founder, Global First Ladies Alliance

“The Future is Female” |

For nearly 20 years, Cora has collaborated with leaders in over 40 countries on strategies to improve the lives of women and families. Cora is founder of RESET and the Global First Ladies Alliance, and has served as a senior advisor at the U.S. Department of State. She has worked for the RAND Corporation, the Bush Institute,, the Clinton Global Initiative, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations. 

Laina Florio

Life Coach 

"Bridging the Divide: How to better understand and communicate so the opposition will listen"

As a Life Coach and Yoga-Enthusiast, I am often considered the "peace-maker" amongst my friends and family.  I am passionate about social psychology and strive to inspire happiness and balance in all that I do.

Rob Kramer

CEO, PurposeLab

Singing an original Trump-ian satire entitled “Pool ‘Ol Me"

Co-Founder, Global Water Trust

Tech entrepreneur. Yogi. Songwriter.

Bill Przylucki

Executive Director, People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER)

"Sanctuary, Resistance, and Reform: Moving Past Defense and Winning Real Reform for Immigrant Families"

Bill has been an organizer with POWER since 2007, and has been Executive Director since 2013. He has won campaigns to protect and expand housing that low-income people can afford, protect families against eviction and deportation, raised wages and expand jobs that serve low-income communities, and to win access for low-income people to cleaner environments.

Leonardo Vilchis

Co-Director, Union de Vecinos

"Sanctuary, Resistance, and Reform: Moving Past Defense and Winning Real Reform for Immigrant Families"

Leonardo co-founded Union de Vecinos in 1996 and has been a resident of Boyle Heights since 1987.  He has over 30 years of experience as a community organizer, working at UFW, ACORN, and Dolores Mission. He was trained in liberation theology in Costa Rica, is a popular educator, conducted nonviolence trainings with Pace e Bene in Colombia and other US cities, and served as Planning Commissioner for the City of Maywood. He is a member of the international artist collective Ultrared. 

Wendy Heimann-Nunes

Co-Founder, RiseUp/Partner, Nolan Heimann LLP

“Facilitating Resistance in the Era of Trump”  and on Facebook @RiseUpNational

Founded immediately upon 2016 Election returns, RiseUp is a grassroots socio-political movement committed to protecting democracy, supporting progressive values, and bridging divides.

Dan Mackenzie


two songs

Dan is currently working on a film musical, finishing a book, and shopping an original TV series.

January 18, 2017

Dan Mackenzie


"De-Polarize Yourself"

Dan Mackenzie is an Emmy-nominated singer/songwriter, music producer, screenwriter, and aspiring author, who wrote three original songs for Jeff Dorchen's 2017 movie Basmati Blues, starring Brie Larson.

Neel Nanda.

National touring stand up comedian, writer and actor that has appeared on Comedy Central, MTV, Hulu, IFC, & Viceland network.

Randi Ragan

Owner/Founder, GreenBliss EcoSpa; Mindfulness Teacher and Holistic Wellbeing Consultant

“Good Sweat: A Brief Tour of Cultural Renewal Rituals I Love”

A former yoga and meditation teacher, Randi guides groups and individuals with rituals and cermonies to mark life milestones in addition to running GreenBliss EcoSpa, Los Angeles’ only award-winning mobile spa and wellness service, celebrating 10 years in business.

Marina V

Recording Artist

Performing a song from her new album, INNER SUPERHERO.

Award-winning Russian-American singer/songwriter with a "hauntingly beautiful" voice (LA Times).

gillian wynn

yogi, teacher, public speaker, etc.


i started studying and practicing yoga at age 15.  everything i do in my life is guided by the lessons i have learned and my understanding of the yogic philosophy.  and still i am learning.

Haley Hoffmeister

Stand Up Comedy

"This May Or May Not Feel Like It's About Renewal But It Will Feel Like Laughing"

Haley is a Los Angeles based comedian who only talks about real things like relationships, her children, and her dental problems. She wants more laughter in the world because laughter is the best. 

Adam Kulakow (note: the w is pronounced like a "v"). I'll be playing with singer/songwriter Kim Michalowski. 

In addition to playing and teaching music, I'm a Venice-based screenwriter and digital video producer/director (primarily for AMC Networks). I've performed with great musicians, singers and songwriters up and down the coast and all over the LA area, including local spots like WitzEnd and McCabe's Guitar Shop as well as Kulak's Woodshed in the Valley and the legendary Urban Homestead Hootenanny in Pasadena where I'm a house regular on mandolin. 

Lisa Prah


"Me and my anxiety"

Lisa is a comedian who performs around LA, including The Comedy Store and Flappers.

Terence Young

Design director  / architect @ gensler, father, cellist, artist and athlete

"Parametric permutations on string"

Terence has lately been inspired by advancements in design software and ios music generation Applications to explore music outside his classical training. Results are often not beautiful but usually it is an interesting collaboration between technology and traditional notions of music.

October 15, 2016

Shanna Gilfix

Singer/Songwriter Specializing in The Human Experience

The creation and sharing of music is what I was born to do. I believe it can heal, I believe it can touch the soul, I believe it can be an avenue for dreams. Come join me in mine...

Neel Nanda

Keeping it Neel or @neelnanda on twitter, instagam etc.

I am a stand up comedian and writer that has been featured on networks like Comedy Central, MTV, Viceland, IFC, Hulu to name a few. I also produce an award winning stand up comedy show in Santa Monica where I've shared the stage with Kevin Nealon, Hannibal Buress, and Yakov Smirnoff to name a few.

Andrew Beath

Founder and Executive Director: Earthways 

Founder and Board Chair: Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE)

The New Creation Story

subtitle: Spirit, Eros and Climate Chaos

Andrew Beath is an environmental and social justice activist who has foundered and / or been a founding board member in six active NGO organizations. His four books address human consciousness and environmental ethics.

Kimberli Hudson

CEO, Nexi

"Business Without Burnout"

Kimberli is a serial entrepreneur who has started 12 businesses.  Through her success coaching, she has seen more and more overwhelm and burnout.  Instead, let's look at how to bring ease and joy into our businesses and lives!

J. Keith van Straaten


"An Improvised Sing-Along"

J. Keith van Straaten writes about travel for,

and creates puzzles and games for "Ask Me Another" on NPR. He is the creator and co-host of "Predict-ament," launching this fall on Legendary Digital's Alpha platform.

Jeff Dorchen

"The Snub"

Dan Mackenzie


"De-Polarize Yourself"

Dan Mackenzie is an Emmy-nominated singer/songwriter, music producer, screenwriter, and aspiring author, who wrote three original songs for Jeff Dorchen's 2017 movie Basmati Blues, starring Brie Larson.

April 27, 2016

Dan Mackenzie


Emmy-nominated songwriter, winner of two ASCAP Foundation awards, (collaborators include Joss Stone, Martin Sexton, Kristin Hanggi, Jerry Zucker, Lisa Loeb), has also worked extensively with Anthroposophy (google it!) and Non-Violent Communication, currently writing a musical and a book on creative self-transformation. 

Mark Miller


“Whatever Happened to Woo?”

Mark Miller has been a writer/producer on numerous TV sit-com staffs, a humor columnist for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, a humor blogger for The Huffington Post, has performed stand-up comedy in nightclubs and on TV. He will be reading a brief selection from his book, “500 Dates: Dispatches From the Front Lines of the Online Dating Wars.”

Melinda Cohen & Adam Roa 

Conscious Content Creators & Facilitators of Emergent Wisdom 


Melinda Cohen & Adam Roa have shared this beautiful life for over 7 years. They are deeply committed to awakening humanity through intuitive guidance and inspired story telling. 

Christopher Kai

Founder & CEO of KGL

"Connect More Deeply"

Christopher Kai helps entrepreneurs build their businesses one client at a time based on his new book "Big Game Hunting: Networking with Billionaires, Executives and Celebrities."

Lillie Claire

Founder, Lillie Claire Love

"How to get your partner/lover to want more sex with you"

Lillie is a Self-Love, Sensuality & Success coach. Ultimately, this means she helps women & couples to get real with themselves, each other, to open to deep intimacy and harness the creative power that originates from our sexual energy. Lillie is sure she has the best job in the world. 

Deborah Edler Brown

Founder, Writing from the Well

"Of Love & Shadows"

Judi Bloom

Dr. Judi Bloom

"Anchors, Islands and Waves- Navigating the Seas of Relationships"

I've been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 25 years and have a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I specialize in sexuality, relationships, addiction, anxiety and depression, and have helped thousands of couples and individuals create loving, supportive relationships and happier lives. 

January 13, 2016

Dan Mackenzie, songwriter/producer/talker

Emmy-nominated songwriter, winner of two ASCAP Foundation awards, (collaborators include Joss Stone, Martin Sexton, Kristin Hanggi, Jerry Zucker, Lisa Loeb), has also worked extensively with Anthroposophy (google it!) and Non-Violent Communication, currently writing a musical and a book on creative self-transformation. 

Maiya Skykes 

J. Keith van Straaten


"Creativity on Demand -- A Demonstration of Improvised Writing"

J. Keith leads creative writing workshops and performs at storytelling shows in LA and New York. He writes games for GSN's "Chain Reaction," puzzles for NPR's "Ask Me Another" and travel pieces for "The Points Guy."

Jeff Dorchen

Writer, Producer of WRITE CLUB LA

"Yehudi Deep"

Jeff Dorchen co-hosts and co-produces the monthly live-lit spectacle, WRITE CLUB Los Angeles. He's also a correspondent for This Is Hell radio, and co-writer and co-producer of the feature film Basmati Blues, due out in 2016. 

Steve Connell

Actor/poet/voice, Steve Connell Creates

when I’m not in the lab creating work, I’m traveling all over the world performing it. I’m best known for creating original pieces for various individuals, organizations, and companies including Oprah Winfrey, TED, HBO, the Music Center, Nike, PETCO, and the White House.

October 28, 2015

Dan Mackenzie


"Mopeds, Nashville and Viagra"

Emmy-nominated songwriter, winner of two ASCAP Foundation awards, (collaborators include Joss Stone, Martin Sexton, Kristin Hanggi, Jerry Zucker, Lisa Loeb), has also worked extensively with Anthroposophy (google it!) and Non-Violent Communication, currently writing a musical and a book on creative self-transformation. 

Conrad Romo

Producer/Founder of Tongue & Groove L.A. and Lit Crawl L.A.

"Four Jackasses"

Conrad is a second generation LosAngelino. He is a passionate advocate for the literary communityand is always interested in collaborative efforts. He earns his daily bread as a salesman.


Susannah Tantemsapya

Founder/Executive Director, Creative Migration

“WHITE OUT: dreams, desires, imaginings and blankness…"

Susannah Tantemsapya founded Creative Migration in 2005, a 501(c)(3) organization that produces and collaborates on initiatives that advance cultural diplomacy through the three pillars of art, social engagement and sustainable futures. Most recently, she curated Projection, a large-scale, public art intervention in Los Angeles by Paris-based artist Vincent Lamouroux (#ProjectionLA).

David Resnick

CEO & Co-Founder, Bestr

"Using Technology to Build Empathic Resonance"

David is a technology entrepreneur who creates impactful, playful, and community building experiences. He invests in unconditional love as the foundation for life flow and his heroes are Bruce Lee, Frank Zappa, and Michio Kaku.

Vicki Juditz

Spoken Word Artist/Environmental Activist

 "Saving the World"

  Vicki has performed her original stories at festivals and theaters

  across the country.  Locally she has won many Moth StorySLAMS

  and a GrandSLAM.  She gives talks on pricing carbon for the non-profit

   group Citizens' Climate Lobby.

Peter Oppermann

Future Self Coaching

"Getting to know your Future Self as a source of inspiration."


Peter Oppermann is a certified Awakening Coach and guides individuals and groups to a place beyond the thinking mind and supports them to utilize this awareness to take a fresh look at their lives and how to utilize this perspective to resolve challenges.

Mark Laisure

Co Founder/Co-Host The LIFE CHANGES Show

“Feeding your Mind”

Mark is a venture strategist and award winning inventor and entrepreneur.

(Emmy Award, R&D 100 (The Oscars of Inventing) Businessweek product of the year)) 

who speaks on personal transformation.  Mark has been a guiding force behind several start-ups, 

takeovers, and turn-aroundsmost notably, Inktomi corporation (acquired by Yahoo!)

and Mesh networks (acquired by Motorola)

Art Gardner


“Rebuilding in New Orleans”

Before reaching the age of twenty-one Art Gardner was already a successful race car driver, submarine commander, and astronaut. He then left his job as a Disneyland ride operator for parts unknown.

Steve Connell

Actor/poet/voice, Steve Connell Creates

“Newborns Laws of Motion”

when I’m not in the lab creating work, I’m traveling all over the world performing it. I’m best known for creating original pieces for various individuals, organizations, and companies including Oprah Winfrey, TED, HBO, the Music Center, Nike, PETCO, and the White House

August 2, 2015

Jeanine Del Carlo

Jeanine Del Carlo Publishing ASCAP

I am an ASCAP published songwriter, singer, dancer, and SAG/AFTRA actress with a lot of passion and love for the arts and seeing people happy.

Ian Ruskin

Director, The Life of Thomas Paine Productions

The Tree

I am an English actor/writer living in Los Angeles. I have written and perform a number of one-man plays, including my latest “To Begin the World Over Again: the Life of Thomas Paine”. 

Lisa Schaefer

Artist/Chief Creative Expression Officer, 30 Days the Movement

"Nature-Nuture: How 3 1/2 days in the Jungle changed my Life"

Lisa is an artist and is focusing her time and energy inspiring others to tap into their inner creativity through her latest campaign/call-to-action, 30 Days the Movement. Her paintings and photography are a reflection of her connection to nature and architecture.

Ron Alcalay,

Founder/CEO, Vital Hemp -

--The eldest Jewish son of a Bulgarian dad and a Mexican mom, Ron grew up in the Palisades, went to Harvard School, Brown University and UC Berkeley.  He taught American literature and Film History for ten years before founding Vital Hemp, a hemp clothing company based in Santa Monica.

Nick Karno

CEO, Climate Cents

“Climate Cents: A Few Cents Can Make Real Change“

As an Environmental Prosecutor, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to get people to act against a problem like climate change that feels so overwhelming and insurmountable. I wanted to create a place where the average person could get involved in repairing our climate through local action. 

Sylvie Rokab

Director, In the Light Productions

“Blue Marble Gratitude”

Sylvie is an Emmy nominated, award-winning filmmaker with over 20 years experience as a director, writer, and cinematographer in film and television. She is the founder of In the Light Productions, a film production company committed to creating conscious films that entertain, educate and inspire.

Maria Leicy & Blago Simon


"Treetop Takeover Film Songs - Up in the Treetops & Fly So High"

Blago Simon was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and grew up in New York. After completing his education with a degree in architecture he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film.

Maria Leicy grew up in Nebraska and wrote "Treetop Takeover" to share with the world the awesomeness of squirrels, along with the importance of being green. She is an actress currently in an improv group at "Neon Venus Art Theatre" with Blago.

May 20, 2015

Lion's Mouth (Sara Wexler and Chelsea Z.) 

Musical Dynamics & Performance

URL: or

We moved to LA to pursue a music career. We create music that is melodic, dynamic, and cathartic.

Wendy Hammers

Chief Instigator, Tasty Words Productions

"Fifty Shades of Gray...Hair"

Wendy Hammers is a NY born and Jersey raised actress (Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Sopranos), comic (Oprah, Craig Ferguson), and playwright (Ripe)who now lives in LA. Tonight, she shares about her journey to silver foxdom, and how deciding to stop coloring her hair after 25 years has been an extraordinary opportunity to own her authentic self.

Lauren Tucker

Garden/Education Director, Kiss the Ground

Lessons in making a difference on a local level ,, Lauren is an urban farmer and community organizer.  She has spent the past year building a garden for the community in Venice with Kiss the Ground.  

Brian Mac Mahon

Chief Community Officer

Expert DOJO

How to create your own tribe with the gifting economy

I am the owner of Expert DOJO, which is an success academy for entrepreneurs and the largest free expertise network in the US.  We have just opened our new facility in Santa Monica on the top of Santa Monica Place and I am happy to share my journey through 35 countries to where the gifting economy has taken me today.

Terri Decker

Board Member and Chairman of the Love, Shirley Temple! Exhibit at the Santa Monica History Museum

Love, Shirley Temple! The Exhibit at the Santa Monica History Museum June 3rd – 10th

The Santa Monica History Museum has been chosen as one of only five museums in the world to exhibit  iconic child actress Shirley Temple’s childhood collection. This is an honor for the museum, the City of Santa Monica and California. The City of Santa Monica has proclaimed the month of June as Shirley Temple month to pay homage to Shirley who was born in Santa Monica.

I am a native Santa Monican who grew up watching Shirley Temple movies. 

I am attaching invitations to the events that we have planned and here is a very nice article about the exhibit that was in Highlight Hollywood will take you to the website to purchase tickets to the events

Katharine King

Co-Chair, Steering Committee, Climate Action Santa Monica (CASM), (Judy is a member of the Steering Committee)

“What is a CCA (Community Choice Aggregation) and Why Should You Care?”

Katharine has been in the music business for most of her life and among other projects started and produced the summer Santa Monica Pier Twilight Dance (Concert) Series 30+ years ago. A couple years ago she changed her focus and is now climate change has become a prime concern which is why she along with others created Climate Action Santa Monica. Judy Abdo, has too many credits to mention but is a former Santa Monica mayor and currently chairs the Santa Monica Pier Corporation board and sits on the board of the Metropolitan Water Board.

Larisa Gosla/ Jamee Berg


"Musical Medicine"

Indigo River is an instrument for the flow of honest music, combining soul and pristine harmonies to lift up and connect.

February 25, 2015

Mercy Jones


Chris Nash, Todd Tragar and Jenny Zepp infuse musical aspects of rock, blues, bluegrass, classical and country. From Los Angeles, Mercy Jones combine original lyrics with driving melodies, pulling influence from Robert Johnson, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, and The Rolling Stones.

“Michael" Boise Thomas

Content Creator/Actor/Comic

“Something about Sex. Something about Love.”

Boise is known as an actor and tv host working in LA since 1997.

“Michael” is known as the (unofficial) Mayor of North Venice and is not originally from here.

They both enjoy making educational and entertaining content inspiring thought, action and commerce.

Rahi Chun 

Somatic Sexual Wholeness 

Expanding the body's capacity for Pleasure, Intimacy and Wholeness.

Born with deformed legs, Rahi was massaged daily for his first 18 months, leading to a natural understanding of healing energy through conscious touch.  He was first trained in consciously moving sexual energy through the use of breath, movement and sound with The Body Electric, then studied healing energy practices with Taoist Master Mantaak Chia, followed by the completion of Tantra pioneer Margot Anand’s Love and Ecstasy Training which focussed on releasing muscular armoring in the pelvic bowl.  He has since become a certified Daka (sex healer) via Dr. Corynne Clarke, completed an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, the Advanced Therapy Training at the Osho Meditation Resort, and is certified as a life coach, Family Constellations facilitator and kundalini yoga and meditation teacher.  

Onna Young

CEO, Smart Marketing Solutions

"How to Get More Love and Sex” 

Onna is a strategic marketing consultant who helps businesses increase their revenue. For fun, she enjoys teaching the art of marketing, sales, communication and sometimes…flirting.

Bryan Reeves

Life & Relationship Coach, Blogger

“Why Men Need To Give Up Porn Immediately"

A former US Air Force Captain, Bryan Reeves now works with men, women and couples as a thriving relationship coach. His book"The Sex, Flirting, Dating, Hunting & Hoping Diet" is on Amazon

Sharon Weil

Author/Donny and Ursula Save the World

"How One Woman's Orgasm Saved the World and Yours Can Too!"

Called "the funniest book about love, sex and GMOs you'll ever read," Sharon's playful premise is that Eros is the prime motivator for all human behavior. It's also what compels us to be brave! Filmmaker, Continuum movement teacher and eco-activist, Sharon is also the host of Passing 4 Normal, a podcast about seeding change in the World.

Kathleen Smith

Singer/songwriter, revolutionary heart records

2 songs

Even though she had a major meltdown and almost didn't make her latest record, Kathleen Smith ultimately followed her heart and made it anyways. LOVE SUPERSTAR, the result, is a quirky pop gem about listening to one's heart and trusting big dreams. Her music has been featured on NBC, KCRW, MTV and elsewhere.


FRED Talkers